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Archaeologists from the University of Wrocław discovered more than 150 graves belonging to a previously unknown culture in Peru. The find, dated to the 4th-7th century AD, indicates that the northern part of the Atacama Desert had been inhabited by a farming…

Sometimes I think of my “religion” as a syncretic Gaian pagan belief system based on the 2014 Cosmos series. The universe is incomprehensible large and ancient. Every atom in my body was forged in the heart of an aeons-dead star that burned out billions of light years away. (Probably)

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my hobbies include being right and petting other peoples cats

This post was made for Daisy.

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Swiggity swooby, I’ma floob yer booby~


Swiggity swooby, I’ma floob yer booby~

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25 year old Chen Yen-hui recreates makeup looks from the Tang dynasty

People gotta signal boost the fuck out of this because you know it won’t get the attention it deserves till a white person copies it

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It truly astounds me that there are still people that deny climate change. Also people who defend capitalistic consumerism. Actually, more the latter than the former. “Use up everything. It will make things better.”


laid is pronounced like paid but not said and said is pronounced like bread but not bead and bead is pronounced like lead but not lead

And yet all the ESL people I meet say English wasn’t as hard as their first language…

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Online tattoo galleries should just be called “racist shit white people love getting tattoos of”. Something like half of this gallery I’m looking at is either culturally appropriated, or racist in some other way.

Please consider backing this game. They have 4.4k/10k with 24 days left on the clock. It’s a 2 player co-operative puzzle game featuring bright colors, fantastic music, and a touching story about Amna and her son Saif journeying to the depths of the forest to find a cure for their loved one. Also the color mechanics were designed so that the game would be accessible to colorblind players.